The Government failed to issue a "white bill" to set out details or to carry out another consultation exercise. Instead, it introduces a "blue bill" (National Security (Legislative Provisions) Bill) in the Legislative Council (Legco) in early February and started the legislative process. A LegCo bills committee was formed late February and has started working in late March. LegCo House Committee has agreed to resume second reading and third reading of the bill on 9 July. It was the 500,000 strong demonstration on 1 July and the incidents thereafter that have made the Government to defer the resumption of second reading of the bill.


Though the bill contains voluminous legal concepts and is not easy to understand, you should not be hold back. You could have a say on whether it should legislate or not, or express your worry on the narrowing down of basic freedoms and human rights. Government officials tried to play down the issue by saying that fellow citizens were not interested at all, and that taxi drivers, restaurant and fast-food shop waiters would not have expertise to understand the bill. In truth, they are not willing to see strong public opposition. If an overwhelming majority were against to legislate, the Government would seriously consider the negative impact of such legislation to the society and to its popularity. It might have to narrow down original proposal and provide more human rights protection, or at best to withdraw the whole proposal. Every submission counts, please do send submission and fight for an open and free society.