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Hong Kong Special Administrative Region


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Civil Human Rights Front


Civil Human Rights Front is a group of non-government organizations representing the interests of women, workers, underprivileged, community, people of different religions and ethnic minorities have come together to express the strongest opposition to the government's decision to enact laws under Article 23 of Basic Law which prohibits subversion, secession, treason and sedition against the Central Government. Instead of using Article 23 to suppress the rights and freedoms of Hong Kong people, the SAR government should strengthen the protection of Hong Kong people's human rights as set out in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Culture Rights.


          Civil Human Rights Front Website


  1. Amnesty International Hong Kong Section

  2. April Fifth Action Group

  3. Asia Monitor Resource Center

  4. Association for the Advancement of Feminism

  5. China Democratic Party Hong Kong Section

  6. China Labour Bulletin

  7. Christians for Hong Kong Society

  8. Citizens Party

  9. The Democratic Party

  10. The Frontier

  11. Grassroot Cultural Centre

  12. Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China

  13. Hong Kong Catholic Commission for Labour Affairs

  14. Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee

  15. Hong Kong Christian Institute

  16. Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions

  17. Hong Kong Democratic Development Network

  18. Hong Kong Federation of Students

  19. Hong Kong Human Rights Commission

  20. Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor

  21. Hong Kong Journalists Association

  22. Hong Kong Policy Viewers

  23. Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union

  24. Hong Kong Social Workers' General Union

  25. Hong Kong Voice of Democracy

  26. Hong Kong Women Christian Council

  27. Human Rights In China Hong Kong Office

  28. Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese

  29. Kwai Chung Estate Christian Basic Community

  30. The Neighbourhood and Workers Service Centre

  31. Ngau Pang Sue Yuen

  32. Office of Legislative Councillor Cyd Ho Sau-lan

  33. Pioneer

  34. Queer Sisters

  35. Rainbow Action

  36. Social Concern Fellowship of Shum Oi Church, HKCCC

  37. Student Christian Movement of Hong Kong

  38. Students' Union, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  39. Unison Hong Kong for Ethnic Equality

  40. Ziteng

  41. Office of Legislative Councillor Albert Chan Wai-yip

  42. Power for Democracy

  43. Sham Shui Po Community Association Ltd

  44. Civil Rights for Sexual Diversities

  45. China Social Democratic Party, Hong Kong Branch

  46. Broad Alliance for Rescuing Dr. Wang Bingzhang


 Legal Professional Groups


  1. Hong Kong Bar Association

  2. The Law Society of Hong Kong


Hong Kong Special Administrative Region


  1. HKSAR Government Proposals to implement Article 23 of the Basic Law Website

  2. Bilingual Laws Information System

  3. HKSAR Government Information Centre

  4. Legislative Council

  5. Judiciary

  6. RTHK "Proposals to Implement Article 23 of the Basic Law" (Chinese version only) 




  1. Amnesty International On-Line

  2. American Civil Liberties Union

  3. Asian Peoples' Security Network

  4. European Court of Human Rights

  5. The European Union On-line

  6. Human Rights Watch

  7. South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre

  8. United Nations

  9. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

  10. Article 23 Web Site Set Up by a Group of University Students

  11. Against Article

  12. Society of Hong Kong and Chinese Affairs: On-line Petition to Call for a White Bill

  13. Christian Times - Article 23 of Basic Law (Chinese Only)

  14. (with a lot of videos on Article 23)

  15. HKU POP site: Article 23 of the Basic Law