Five years after its return to Chinese sovereignty, Hong Kong faces the gravest threat yet to its civil liberties in the form of Article 23.

What is Article 23? Why has it triggered swelling concern across a broad spectrum of society -- from clerics to lawyers to journalists to artists to university students to taxi drivers? How would Article 23 legislation being proposed by the Hong Kong government -- ostensibly to protect national security -- undermine freedom?

This website is dedicated to providing all the information relevant to Article 23. It is dedicated to countering official misinformation and misrepresentation on this subject. It is dedicated, above all, to the ideal that Hong Kong should be one of Asia's freest and most open societies.

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21/07/2004: UK Six-monthly report to Parliament on Hong Kong(Link to British Consulate-General Hong Kong website)

12/07/2004: Synergynet: Performance of Hong Kong Institutions of Governance (Link to Synergynet website)

03/07/2004: HKSARG's response to remarks made by Taiwan authorities on rally (Link to Government website)(2 Jul 2004)

03/07/2004: HKSAR Government responds to US House Resolution (Link to Government website)(2 Jul 2004)

02/07/2004: July 1 March Summary

02/07/2004: US States Department supports HK democracy

02/07/2004: Christine Loh's Newsletter: New Social Movement(1 Jul 2004)

02/07/2004: CE delivers statement on 7.1 rally (Link to Government website)(1 Jul 2004)

02/07/2004: CE addresses HKSAR seventh anniversary reception (Link to Government website)(1 Jul 2004)

02/07/2004: European Commission Annual Report on Hong Kong 2003 (30 Jun 2004)

02/07/2004: Patten says Hong Kong should have bigger say in own affairs (30 Jun 2004)

30/06/2004: Question on measures introduced in response to demands of participants of last year's July 1 march in the Legislative Council (June 30) (Link to Government website)

30/06/2004: HKSARG's response to European Commission's Report on HKSAR 2003 (Link to Government website)

30/06/2004: The Project for the New American Century & The U.S. Committee for Hong Kong: Statement in Support of the People of Hong Kong (29 Jun 2004)

30/06/2004: Asian Human Rights Commission: Hong Kong marches for democracy, stability and prosperity on July 1 (Link to AHRC website)

30/06/2004: Amnesty International Hong Kong: Threats to freedom of expression in Hong Kong in the debate over the introduction of greater democracy into Hong Kong (Link to AIHK website)

30/06/2004: HKJA Annual Report: Beijing turns the screw (27 Jun 2004)

30/06/2004: Media Organizations urges action to protect free expression and press freedom (27 Jun 2004)

28/06/2004: Zeng Qinghong welcomes rapprochement with democrats (23 Jun 2004)

28/06/2004: Transcript of Secretary for Constitutional Affair's briefing after LegCo's motion debate (Link to Government website)(23 Jun 2004)

28/06/2004: LegCo Question: Government's response to HK people's desire to have elections of CE and LegCo Members by universal suffrage and their desire for freedom (Link to Government website)(23 Jun 2004)

28/06/2004: US Senates: Expressing support for freedom in Hong Kong (22 Jun 2004)

28/06/2004: Summary of Recent Remarks by Zeng Qinghong

28/06/2004: US Representatives: Expressing support for freedom in Hong Kong (9 Jun 2004)

16/06/2004: US Congress US-China Economic and Security Review Commission Annual Report 2004

15/06/2004: Stephen LAM: Defender of Hong Kong's beliefs

14/06/2004: Yash Ghai: Are democracy and the market in conflict?

11/06/2004: Tung welcomes democrats' olive branch, but adds that concrete actions are needed

10/06/2004: ANSON CHAN: What Hong Kong means to me (9 June 2004)

10/06/2004: Christine Loh's Newsletter: A Bridge too far?

09/06/2004: China Daily: Anson Chan's remarks 'irresponsible' (Link to China Daily website)

08/06/2004: Time Magazine: Anson Chan: Trust us - Hong Kong wants good governance, not independence (14 June 2004) (Link to Time Magazine website)

08/06/2004: Government's Response to Emily Lau's Letter to Hong Kong: Government will uphold fair and open electoral system (7 June 2004) (Link to Government website)

08/06/2004: Government's Response to Hong Kong's Core Values: HK's core values remain intact (7 June 2004) (Link to Government website)

07/06/2004: Emily LAU: Letter to Hong Kong (6 June 2004)

07/06/2004: Hong Kong's Core Values: Declaration (Link to Hong Kong's Core Values website)


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