1. Summary of discussion in previous meetings

2. Important documents

3. LegCo Bills Committee on National Security (Legislative Provisions) Bill



1. Summary of discussion in previous meetings




2. Important Documents


(a) Treason


- Document on "The People's Republic of China"

- Document on "doing any act with intent to prejudice the position of the PRC in the war"

- Document on "instigating armed forces to invade and sedition"

- Document on "joining the enemies in acts of hostility against the country"

- Document on "Chinese nationality and HKSAR permanent residency status" and Annex

- Document on "Proposed Removal of Time Limits for Prosecution"



(b) Secession


          - Document on "Proposed section 2C of Crimes Ordinance"



(c) Subversion

- Document on "National Security (Legislative Provisions) Bill: The Offence of Subversion"

- Document on "Application of subversion and secession offences outside Hong Kong"

- Document on "Seriously endangering the stability of the PRC"

- Document on "Justification for heads (a) and (c) of the subversion offence"

- Document on "Subversion by foreign armed forces?"

- Document on "The Mental Element Required for Subversion"


(d) Sedition


          - Document on "Extraterritoriality"

             - Document on "Instigating" or "inciting" an armed invasion

          - Document on 'Seditious Publications – Definition of "Publish"' and Annex

          - Document on "Incitement as an element of sedition"



(e) Theft of State Secrets

 - Document on "Unauthorized disclosure of protected information and the public interest"  and Supplementary Information

 - Document on "Official Secrets Ordinance – Damaging Test"

 - Document on "Proposed section 16A(1)(a) of the Official Secrets Ordinance: Responsibility of the Central Authorities"

- Document on "Part II of the Official Secrets Ordinance"


(f) Proscription of Local Organizations

- Document on "national laws are relevant for prohibition of mainland organization"

- Document on "Specification of terrorists under the United Nations
(Anti-Terrorism) Ordinance and the proposed proscription mechanism under
the National Security (Legislative Provisions) Bill"

- Document on "Special Procedures for Appeals against Proscription" and Annex

- Document on "Special Procedures for Appeals against Proscription"

- Document on "Matters following proscription of an organization under proposed new section 8A of the Societies Ordinance"

- Document on "Background information on the Societies Ordinance prepared by the Legco Secretariat (Link to LegCo website)


(g) Investigation Powers


          - Document on "Procedure of application for search warrants from magistrates"

          - Document on "Investigation and Search Powers in the Crimes Ordinance as proposed"




(h) Others

- Document on "The Administration's Response to issues Raised by the Legislative Council Assistant Legal Adviser in her letter of 27 March 2003"

- Document on "interpretation, application and enforcement"

- Document on "Issues relating to Article 39 of the Basic Law" and Annex